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Working English Shepherds

Jojo's Litter of 9 arrived Sep 9 2022!
( her last litter was 2 years ago and have all turned out fabulous!)


 English Shepherds are dogs arena of the most versatile breeds of dog. Their intelligence and loyalty make them wonderful calm companions, avid hunters, guardians, therapy dogs, great in agility and strong farm working dogs.

We expect our puppies to be strong, all-around farm and family dogs. We breed for good rule-keepers and strong guardian nature - dogs who work well with families and a dog pack. We expect all our dogs to be energetic and help us work while having a good off-switch inside. All of our puppies are socialized at an early age with our four small children as well as with cats, chickens, ducks, goats, cattle ,and pigs. They are also expected to be trustworthy around young stock and our herds in our absence. 


Female -Shaded Sable

MDR1 Neg by parentage



Female -Shaded Sable

MDR1 Neg by parentage



Male -Clear Sable

MDR1 Neg by parentge

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