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Female -Shaded Sable

Female -Shaded Sable

MDR1 Neg by parentage


Meet Gibson - our brilliant, family guardian and mother to the litter you will soon meet. She bonds tightly to family, walking bedroom to bedroom during the night just to check in. During the day, Gibson helps me keep watch over farm animals and my three children. She’s gentle with babies - human and animal alike, polite with but watchful of strangers, and fiercely loyal to her adopted family. She is not naturally inclined to herd, but is not averse to keeping stock in order when absolutely necessary or herding an escape pig or goat until pens can be mended. She does keep the livestock at bay when my babies are around. Her instincts and character bode well for her litter. 


Wingo Ranch Gibson

Sire Beebe's Wingo Vegas

Dam Shastams McCall

SS Cedar Creek Todd

SD Beebe's Cuddles Sassy

DS Gate beautiful sergeant powell

DD McCall's Sissy

SSS Egersen's Copperfield

SSD Egertsen's Sasha Marie

SDS Beebe's Kansas MJ

SDD Beebe's Luci Cuddles

DDS Burcher Gate Beautiful Abraham

DDD Gate Beautiful Sarah of Cimarron

DDS McCalls Ringo

DDD McCalls Gabby

Gibson's Previous Litter (only 2 pups) with Hank-on their first birthday

Trueman- gibson puppy.jpg
fancy-gibson puppy.jpg

Gibson doing what she loves best, keeping an eye on her kids

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