2019 Litter Oct 10,2019

Sire-Cooper (MDR1 neg by parentage)

Dam -Gibson (MDR1 neg by parentage)

We expect our puppies to be strong, all-around farm and family dogs. We breed for good rule-keepers and strong guardian nature - dogs who work well with families and a dog pack. We expect all our dogs to be energetic and help us work while having a good off-switch inside. They are also expected to be trustworthy around young stock and our herds in our absence. 

Our Puppies are Registered with UKC and ESR they are raised on the farm with our three small children, cats, goats, pigs, cattle and are introduced to ducks and chickens very young to teach them a healthy respect and form a relationship with them.

They are wormed at 4 and 7 weeks, given their first round of shots at 6 and at 6-7 weeks will begin to spend some time in individual crates to help with the transition to their new homes.

Puppies will be 7 weeks on Thanksgiving

Silver Collar Male BUMBER- beginning and end of video ( more white) Purple Collar  Female FILI - 8 weeks

2018 litter

all grown up


Lives on a crop farm, he guards the farm equipment cats and chickens. Wary of strangers, but extremely attentive and aware of his people. 


Lives with an elder couple, mostly indoors, happy and well adjusted, very aware and observant of her people.


Lives on a cattle farm. Very outgoing and ready for anything, he is a middle of the road dog ready to help his owners, happily greet visitors or chill in the house.


Lives in town and takes her Job of guarding 5 small children (under 7!), and keeping the two family pitbulls  and cats in line. A dog that loves order and the rules she keeps all the cats off the household furniture and makes sure the children don't roughhouse near the baby! She takes after her momma Gibson a good deal. Happy and calm living in town with her jobs to do!



this is also our family home and we hope you understand.

Please check our farm tour days or call to schedule a Farm Store 

Weslaco, Texas, 78596

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