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BORN SEP 9,2022

Sire-Cooper (MDR1 neg by parentage)
Dam -Jojo (MDR1 neg by parentage)


Sire-Cooper (MDR1 neg by parentage)
Dam -Jojo (MDR1 neg by parentage)

Puppy Culture and Socialization Info

We expect our puppies to be strong, all-around farm and family dogs. We breed for good rule-keepers and strong guardian nature - dogs who work well with families and a dog pack. We expect all our dogs to be energetic and help us work while having a good off-switch inside. They are also expected to be trustworthy around young stock and our herds in our absence. 

I am taking deposits now for what traits are desired, ( town, country, working dog, companion , ecx) preferred colors and sexes. We watch puppies carefully from birth and make notes on tendencies and personality traits, then at 6 weeks we will do a personality test. This really helps us make sure that each and every new family gets the perfect fit of a puppy. We want all of our puppies to fit into their new homes like a glove and this tends to give us the best results. Many times we have several puppys with the same personality type and then we can match that with preference on clients color and gender preferences.


We have not been able to do health tests on our dogs. I looked into it quite a bit but in the end we are so far out in the country it would be quite the drive and expense to do so. They ARE all MDR1 negative by parentage. We have had no problems so from with them, their siblings, or their offspring.


Our puppies are raised inside until 3-4 weeks and started on potty training on pine pellets. Then they are moved outside to make sure they get socialized with all the livestock and get more space to move about. We will continue to keep potty training them on pine pellets to help teach them where in the outdoor yard is appropriate to potty. We are very careful and make sure they are introduced to poultry early on to make sure that they respect them. They will also get time with mom and dad introducing them to the livestock, sheep, goats, cattle, and kunekune pigs. We own a goat dairy and mom and dad are a huge help daily moving stock to and from being milked. We have 4 young children and they will also take turns being brought into the house to be loved on and get inside experience. 

We are asking $550 for each pup and they come with 2 rounds of de-worming, 1 round of shots, and registration applications to both registries. $250 deposit to hold your spot in line for choices.

Puppies will be ready for new homes in early December

Previous litters below

Gibson x Cooper Litter

Sep 3, 2018 

2018 litter

all grown up

Trueman- gibson puppy.jpg


Lives on a crop farm, he guards the farm equipment cats and chickens. Wary of strangers, but extremely attentive and aware of his people. 

fancy-gibson puppy.jpg


Lives with an elder couple, mostly indoors, happy and well adjusted, very aware and observant of her people.


Lives on a cattle farm. Very outgoing and ready for anything, he is a middle of the road dog ready to help his owners, happily greet visitors or chill in the house.

shepherds 1 Abby.jpg


Lives in town and takes her Job of guarding 5 small children (under 7!), and keeping the two family pitbulls  and cats in line. A dog that loves order and the rules she keeps all the cats off the household furniture and makes sure the children don't roughhouse near the baby! She takes after her momma Gibson a good deal. Happy and calm living in town with her jobs to do!

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