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Goats for sale


V-show-summer2021-Tupelo -side IMG_0856.jpg

EdensLilly Lims Tupelo*Milk Star

A heavy milker. Doe on the taller side with long ears and covered in moon spots. This girl is a sweet diva! She is a great workhorse but wants what she wants, best for families with older kids that milk or just help train her to the little ones. She is trained to lead and hand or machine milk.

Reg MDGA  Gen 2 mini Nubian

Kidded Jan 2021 twins

Kidded June 2022 triplets- retained doe kid Tiramisu-placed 1st in 2022 fall v-show- on junior page

kidded Jan 20,2023 twins

Currently in milk and can come with a wether kid by her side as a relief milker for $75

V-show-summer2021-Tupelo Rear IMG_0861.jpg


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