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Goats for sale

NIgerian Dwarf


I sell milkers based at $500-$700. $500 as first year milkers+ 


+Milk-ability adds $100 ( good manners and at least  one year of milking training, hand milking and machine)


+Milk stars add $100 (I pay for the test through the registry login and permit fees, lab fees, and pay the person to come out and do the testing, it costs $75-$100 to earn their milker without all the work going into it) Milk stars help you know your getting an A-Plus milker and its credibility for selling her kids!!!


+ More credibility by winning shows can add a bit to the cost as well. ( entering shows and travel add costs to the animal)


Babies are $350-$450 ( 8 + weeks  of age, disbudded (I charge $50each to disbud) , dewormed twice and coccidia preventative treated 2-3x.

Bucks and does are the same pricing. 

Over 8 weeks can add +$100 depending on how much longer I had to feed them.


+$50-$100 based on a very great momma or momma has a milk star or show win. 


Wethers are $75 spots or blue eyes are $100-$150 as pets.


We provide lifetime support for the families of any animals we sell as well as health testing to make sure you can safely drink your raw milk. We also have a small online goat school that grows every month that buyers get a free coupon for to be able to access information they need at their finger tips. We can also sometimes lease bucks for breeding for small herds if their health status is still known and clean. We want everyone to fall in love with their goats and have the best experience possible!


EdensLilly lighthaus Champagna

A heavy milker-her dam snow Pictured nursing a kid, won her superior genetics award here on our farm as well as wining her milk star. ( papers below where issued before snow won her star) Champagna won grand champion at the RGVLS livestock show. 2019

She does occasionally self nurse, but always has beautiful triplets.


Currently Dry and Open

Exposed to a buck recently.


Nigerian-Doe-Snow-2016-2F rear udder with kid 2016.JPG

EdensLilly Quivers BLK Martini

Her dam SEAS is a heavy milker and has been awarded her milk star- pictured in the side is another daughter of seas, EVE, that has won her star and many many shows! ( pictured on the side) Sires twin the same.

Martini has kidded once, and had a injury to one teat. Before that her teats where large and easy to milk. But she may come in uneven if bred again. She is a great price because of this and its a great chance to get am amazing brood doe 

Currently Dry and Open



pictures of relatives courtesy of Aries nigerians

martini front.jpg


Feb 11, Doc 1 4.jpg

Sires twin sister

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