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Why we do what we do and why we believe in it.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Why we do (and love) what we do.

Sustainability and Stewardship

We believe the earth and its resources are a blessing given to us to steward well, and this belief dictates how we farm.  Returning the land to a rich, fertile, living canvas is our first aim because healthy soil is the basis of growing good pasture for livestock to thrive. This produces the best, most nutritious meat, milk ,and eggs as well as the farm-fresh taste and nutrient-dense richness that our agricultural ancestors enjoyed.

With just a few dairy goats, chickens, and a large garden, we "planted" our farm. We soon noticed that much of our pasture grasses went uneaten, so we watched, researched and discovered that each species consumes different types and parts of plants. To get the most from our land, we needed to expand.

We added cattle to munch the grasses, goats to eat the weeds and brush, pigs to clean up dropped seeds and roots, and chickens to spread manure and eat bugs to cleanse the land.  We densely stocked the pasture, and now all parts are utilized as the animals fertilize every inch. Finally, we work hard to rest the land for 21 days so that plants can regenerate and grow with vigor from the natural fertilizer only to nourish the herds again.

My Heritage

Recently, we purchased my grandfather's original homestead. Under previous ownership, it sat vacant for four years, but we are slowly bringing it back to life. You can feel the hum of excitement as you step on the property and hear the sounds of farm animals and see the growth happening all around.

My great grandfather farmed this land; my grandfather built his home and bred prize-winning cattle here; and my mother was born here. I grew up here, playing with cousins and learning about the farm life. At the age of two, I received my first baby goat from the hands of family that worked this land, and I fell in love.  Farming is in my blood as generations before me lived this life I now celebrate.


Sharing what we've learned is one of our greatest pleasures, and we hope others sense the enthusiasm we have for this life we live. We enjoy bringing people to ask questions and experience the farm life, if only for a day.

Living on and working land is no longer common, and we desire to reconnect all ages to agricultural production, the very roots of our well-being. Through farm tours, speaking engagements, school field trips, and farm clinics, we hope to educate our local community as much as possible.

I believe children should hold a baby chick, milk a goat, and experience playing in a pasture. As a businesswomen and mother, this livelihood gives me a means to educate my own children. I stay home with them, and they play along side me, learning about our world, hard work, dedication, and good character. I want  them to love the land as I do, be proud of this heritage as I am, and teach others to do the same.

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