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Partner Spotlight: Janie from Lorberau Legacy Farms

Meet Janie and Her Incredible Products

Janie Lorberau, the heart and soul behind Lorberau Legacy Farms, is one of our cherished partners. Her journey in agriculture and livestock is both inspiring and deeply rooted in family tradition. The Lorberau family has been farming and ranching for generations, with a strong focus on sustainable and organic practices.

The Legacy of Lorberau Farms

Established with a foundation in agriculture and livestock, Lorberau Legacy Farms has recently celebrated over a decade of excellence in dairy goat farming. What started as a dream of cheesemaking in 2009 quickly transformed into a full-fledged dairy operation by 2010. Dedication to refining the farm's genetics and breeding superior Nubian and LaMancha goats ensures that her products stand out in quality and taste.

Delicious Dairy Products

Janie's farm offers a range of delicious dairy products, including fresh and aged cheeses, milk, and seasonal items like cajeta. These products are crafted with care, reflecting commitment to quality and sustainability. Best of all, you can get these high-quality dairy products through our Grocery Box subscription service at EdensLilly, bringing the best of Lorberau Legacy Farms directly to your table.

Dairy Herd Improvement and Genetics

Lorberau Legacy Farms is active in the Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR) and participates in linear appraisal programs to ensure the highest quality of their breeding stock. These efforts have earned them numerous accolades, including Superior Genetics and Star Milker designations, highlighting the farm's commitment to excellence in dairy production.

Artisanal Products from Lorberau Legacy Farms

Artisanal dairy products are crafted with passion and expertise, making them a staple in our Grocery Boxes. Whether you’re looking for creamy milk, rich cheeses, or delightful seasonal treats, these products deliver quality and flavor. They are a state-licensed dairy, offering Grade A Raw milk, and their goats have free access to native pasture 24/7/365, which significantly enhances the flavor and quality of their products. Additionally, their feed supplements are corn- and soy-free.

Join the Lorberau Legacy Farms Family

Janie’s dedication to sustainable farming and high-quality dairy products makes her an invaluable partner. By subscribing to our Grocery Boxes, you are not only enjoying some of the best dairy products around but also supporting sustainable farming practices and a legacy of agricultural excellence.

For more information on Janie and her products, visit Lorberau Legacy Farms and discover the legacy that makes her farm a cornerstone of our community.

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