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The Second Big Move

If your read "The First Big Move" you know that God gave us this current home right when we needed it. He also caused our faith, family, community, and businesses to grow abundantly while we were here. We needed every inch of space this huge farm possessed and made use of every inch of it! While it was a fabulous whirlwind of a journey God has moved us into a new season of life. I pray that God used us to bless others during this time. We are not sure why He decided it was time for a change but even my stubborn self finally has to admit that he has!

The buildings on this farm are extensive and built for a network of people to run. A network that no longer exists no matter how hard I try to will it too! All of a sudden not only do we not need it all, but the huge burden of the workload here is too much for my family alone to bear. We could just start emptying the rooms and closing them down (and we have). But it is very tempting for me to want to start using and re-opening things again! A self-sustaining farm is an amazing thing and sounds romantic but at this scale, it is impossible for me to keep up with.

Just as a glimps of what I keep up is: a big farm apartment that Stephanie and her husband live in, a 3 car garage, workout room, soap room, gardening room, goat milk parlor, milk processing house, commercial kitchen, a tiny one-room apartment, farm store, event bathroom, and a feed room. Just in outdoor rooms alone. This does not include our family home or the outdoor spaces I-must-keep-up. I can't even keep it all clean by myself!!

My sweet little family has grown from a passel of toddlers and quaint mornings of school around the living room table after milking, to a group that spans almost every age of childhood! The boys have grown oh so much and are in a place to have pre-teen conversations, Emma is a sweet 2nd grader and Cordie is still a toddler! Our prayer has been that He would give us the means to recalibrate and have more time to focus on serving our community and church, feeding my family, and still having time to foster many of our passions. He has answered all of that with the surprise of our new farm property.

So the move is a recalibration for faith family and community. I have learned SO much over the last 10 years of our farm growth that I am so so thankful for. Now I get to create a small, well-organized space where Jake and I can run a family-sized self-sustaining farm and I will have more time for sharing the knowledge that I have been gifted.

Stay tuned for how we plan to continue sharing our farm and bringing together local food resources for you! Think citrus, veggies, eggs and a partneship with another raw dairy for milk and cheese. Until next week!

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