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Spiced Tea Mix

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

This is for sure not a healthy or nutritious recipe. But one tiny sip of this warm and spicy drink always transports me back to my childhood. A cool nip in the air, surrounded by my siblings, snacking on oranges fresh off the trees, cracking pecans my grandfather gathered up, and playing card games. It smells and tastes like a holidays and family to me.


My mom used to make big bowls of this Spiced Tea mix along with homemade instant hot chocolate, which we would tuck it into large mason jars. They would

be topped with Christmas bows and snuggled into baskets destined to be Christmas gifts for all our friends and relatives, and we kept a big glass jar near our kitchen kettle all throughout the holidays.


24 oz of Tang Drink Mix

1 3/4 cups of Sugar

1 cup Lipton instant black tea ( I have been using decaf since im preggers)

3/4 cup of any instant Lemonade Drink Mix

4 Tablespoons of Lemon Jello Mix

3 Tablespoons of Cinnamon


Mix it all up and store in a airtight container, add 2 tsps per mug of hot water! ( or whatever suits your taste buds ( as a kid I added a lot more than that!! lol Im Surprised I still have any teeth left)

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