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Pumpkin the goat

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Pumpkin and Kaid Share a carrot!

This is Pumpkin. Five years ago she and another little doe, Lianna, journeyed together from here to Wisconsin. I had long admired Green Gable Farms and was so honored to be able to add two of their gorgeous goat kids to my herd. They where my very first big herd investments and the first shipped babies I ever received. I was so nervous and excited to get them! she turned out just perfect. She is one of the kids very favorites and as a baby that was bottle fed by us she loves her snuggles. She has two daughters in our herd that live here on the farm and her baby from two years ago, Oregano, is our favorite to come into milk this year. They are both gentle natured and give large amounts of sweet, sweet milk that just pours into our pails! I hope Oreganos little one, Califlower is just as sweet and wonderful, as she's staying here to help make milk next year.

Teenager Pumpkin gets ready for a goat show

Daughter Oregano and her daughter Pumpkins grand daughter Cauliflower

The cute baby baby picture I got of her before we picked her up!

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