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Sun and Soil

This day last year was combined with Roots and shoot (that's why the video is the same!!) the kids loved it so much and we had so many more things we wanted to teach and so many more projects to go over that we could not get too!

 Today we will learn about the building blocks for growing plant. It all starts with the soil, did you know the soil is alive? Well, it is and today we will learn why!  It is important to identify types of soil and see what pros and cons each have and what is the most fertile type. We will explore how soils can differ widely in just a small area ( like our garden!) and we will pull up plants to examine how the roots change in different zones.


Fun activity: Make our own compost and learn about all the components.


Once we identify soil what else is important to plants?? 

Water!!!! Condensation, dew, clouds, soil moisture, irrigation and even underground water are imperative to have healthy plants.


Fun activity: Water Filtration: This activity will help us learn about soil and water cycles  as we do a Slake test to see how fast water filtrates three different types of soil



You kids will have the building block for gardening under their belt and will be ready to start planting on Thursday!

Additional Investigations into Probiotics:

Day two of learning about water kefir, straining it out and adding fruit flavorings.

Learn about our digestive tracts and why we need probiotics.


Cooking: Making pizza sauce from garden tomatoes for our Friday pizza day!

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