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School  Tours



for a birthday, meeting, group party and 


We Love to share our farm. Our greatest joy comes from having children out to see what we do and experience farm if only for a morning. Being a working farm it does present a challenge for us since we have to hire our helpers to do our chores and prep while we socialize! Here is our most popular school tour schedule!

School Tour

20-50 Guests

Prices vary depending on size of group (1.5 hour) outdoors 9:30-11:00am


We come up with a new curriculum and focus for school tours each year and this year we are talking about the Journey of a Seed. We have learned that rotational learning stations are fun for kids and keep them engaged. 

This years Stations are:

#1 Farm Garden-Seed production and germination learning hands on.

#2 Silo Movie Theatre- Watch a movie on how seeds germinate ands time lapses of how seeds grow, and the vegetables and grains that we enjoy from plants.

#3 Barn - Feed Mixing- Help us mix feed that our animals will enjoy. See how seeds not only produce vegetables and grains for us BUT can also be used to feed livestock who use them to create milk that we can turn into butter and cheese as well as meat.

#4 Farm Garden: Learn to milk a goat!

#5 Tour end: Feed some of our creatures!!

Also Provided:

Learning booklet and a bottle of water.

access to bathroom facilities and picnic tables

access to farm store to shop farm products

40-50 people $500 - $12 for extra people or parents

30-40 people $450 - $15 for extra people or parents

20-30 people $400- $20 for extra people or parents

Under 20 people $350 - $20 for extra people or parents

Fermenting Class One

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