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We want to share our farm foods to nourish your family. 


Last year was our first year and we learned that to be able to serve your family and ours, striving to limit waste, its necessary to go to a subscription base. 

This way we know what to plant, how many goats to keep in milk, how many chickens, cows, and pigs to raise and how much flour to have on hand!


Here are the details!


Join the Grocery Box Family by buying this listing! Once you checkout you will be emailed a link to click, this link will take you to our subscription pages to choose which subscriptions fit your family. Read the discriptions carefullly, each farmer has their own unique listing. For the most part pick-ups are every thursday and you will be charged each week 2-3 days before your pick-up. You will only be charged for that weeks food. 


-Pick-up is drive through/curbside Thursdays 4:30-6 

(once a month we will have a farm day with a petting zoo, fun things to do and samples) 

-Items on subscription

Raw goats milk/cheese


Fruit (tree ripened oranges/grapefruit, melons)

Pastured Meat

Sourdough-long fermented


Possibly flowers!

-Orders for extra things to add to your box closes Tuesday @10am 


Goats milk soap

Sourdough cinnamon rolls

Homestead canning/bulk packs of veggies

Pastured Lard

Pastured Tallow

Local Honey



-Sign-up fee is $20 to hold your spot. You will recieve a market bag for us to pack your order in and you to haul it home in!

-First sign up first serve!

We will only be able to serve 25-30 families this season



Farm Grocery Subscription

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