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Why are you called Cole?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I am the oldest in a family of five, and no baby could ever pronounce Nicole- so all the

babies called me Cole. I loved “my” babies and loved that they had a special name for me. After about

12 years of babies calling me Cole it stuck with some cousins and a lot of my oldest friends but not everyone, most of the adults still used my "real" name.Then I had this great idea when I got to design college to make a new me! I had always been quite the tom boy, if they could do something so could I, and here in this new overly artistic world I wanted to stand out and fit in. I decided I would go back to my childhood nick-name and introduce myself as only Cole to everyone. So I did. All my new friends thought that was my real name! It stuck. Now Jake and pretty much everyone else call me Cole!

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