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Ten things about me

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

1. I am a wife to my farm boy Jake (we met at 14 and 16 and never looked back! He is pretty much the farm salesman and my Muscle)

2. Mother to Crawford, Kaid and Emma, and Cordie (10, 7, 4 and 1)

3. Lover of God (the reason for all my blessings)

4. Major dreamer, I can come up with a vision and a plan for anything!

5. Entrepreneur (to a fault), we own the dairy, a goats milk soap and body care business, a petting zoo service, a venue rental, and I teach classes.

6. I love animals, any and all kinds (except snakes, they don’t bother me but I’m not gonna run out and buy a pet one)

7. I rather clean the barn than the house any day.

8. I am obsessed with braids (I learned to French braid my own hair at 6 and as a child I would have a line of cousins at every family reunion ready for me to style them up!)

9. I can’t do without my farm dogs (We have 3 English shepherds, an Anatolian shepherd, and an Akbash)

10. I LOVE to cook good healthy slow food and feed people

( this is a photo of just the first three kiddos!)

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