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How did you milk goats with a newborn!??!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hello baby wraps!!! Kaid was a clingy baby and I would have gotten NOTHING done that first year without them! I would do the am milking with Crawford playing right on the milk house porch and Kaid strapped to my back.  Then for the evenings after dinner Jake would wash up the dishes while I would put Crawford to sleep and nurse Kaid. By then Jake would be done with tidying up and he'd rock Kaid to sleep, while I snuck out to do the evening milking. By the time Emma Colleen came along I had switched to a much more sustainable program of only milking once per day (early in the morning after her morning nurse and before Jake went to work). Thank the LORD!!!!

This picture was taken after a pregnant momma goat came back to the barn one morning very UN-pregnant. I strapped on Kaid and we hiked to the end of the 10 acer pasture to be rewarded with finding these two snuggled under a cactus.

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