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Mini Nubians

Mini Nubians are a mix between Nigerian Dwarves and Nubians. They are so sweet grow to about 20-24 inches tall and are superior for producing very rich creamy home at home!

Why miniature dairy goats?

Breeders of standard dairy goats have been pushing for greater stature in these breeds for the show ring, resulting in many of the standard dairy goat breeds getting larger in recent years.
Additionally, some people with a small acreage are looking for a smaller milk-producing animal to provide a family milk supply. Some larger and smaller cities across the country now allow miniature dairy goats within city limits.
A mini dairy goat can often produce two-thirds the amount of milk that a standard dairy goat produces while consuming half as much feed, which could be helpful as the cost of feed rises. The influence of Nigerian Dwarf genetics may expand the breeding season past the fall months and also may increase the butterfat in the milk.
Children, seniors, and people with disabilities may find the mini breeds easier to handle. Hoof trimming, clipping, showing, and milking become much less of a challenge because of the minis’ smaller size. Also, smaller goats are in demand for the pet market.

Find out more here:

Lianna X Poplar 

Twin Doelings-One retained one for sale, 

2nd gen mini nubian, $500

Doeling, Sire and Dam Pictured


Dam Green Gables Liana is a heck of a milker

Sire:EdensLilly Merciful Poplar has many V-show wins under his belt

Pansy X Di Chi

buck doe twins DOELING FOR SALE

1st gen grade nubian $450

Doeling, Sire and Dam Pictured


Dam: Pansy is a heck of a milker 1.5 gallons on her last test

Sire:Latte Da SSM Diplomatic Status ( click for more info)

Larkspur X Di Chi

 doe twins both FOR SALE

2nd gen grade nubian $450

Doeling, Sire and Dam Pictured


Dam: Larkspur

Sire:Latte Da SSM Diplomatic Status ( click for more info)

Nigerian Dwarves

Nigerian Dwarves are a sweet fun and spunky little breed that are usually 18-22 inches tall. They are great producers of very rich creamy milk, usually 1 quart per day.

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