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The answers to your questions!


Ages that can attend? 5-13 (but we do have junior counselors 14-18)


I am worried about my child's safety around animals.

We are raising toddlers here on our farm, child safety is the utmost importance. All of our animals are docile and very used to kids. Anyone with a bad attitude gets evicted! We will not have children in the pens with any of the adult cattle and all interactions are mostly with baby animals, and always closely monitored


Size of Camps?

Each camp will consist of 15-20 children which gives each farm camp counselor 3-4 children. Nice small groups to ensure everyone gets one on one time.


But it is so hot in the summer!!! Heat stroke anyone??

All of our outdoor activities are in the mornings while it is cool. Once the temps start to climb we move indoors to our farm classroom, cheese rooms or milk house.


What should they wear?

                Close-toed shoes and sturdy clothes that will be able to take a beating. Girls can wear dresses with leggings or shorts under. Please send with swimsuits under their clothing or clothing that can get wet for our end of the day water play.



Did we forget a question?? ASK US!

Thanks! As soon as we feed the animals we will send you and answer!

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