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Edens Lilly Amaryllis Moon

Moon Spots
Won her Milk star

Summer 2021 V-show
1st Ring 2-James Oller
in a class of 12


Amarylis is an extremely easy going doe with long slinder easy to milk teats. She holds her milk up high and tight with a very smooth for udder.

She has straight legs and strong toes, and lots of dairy character and angulation. We will breed her to a buck to produce kids with a bit more width.

Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Moon Dancer

Sire's Sire: Soaring Hearts Beast Mode

Sire's Dam: Green Gables Luna Lady 

Dam: Creekwood Acers Pandora ( FF udder in pic)

nigerian-doe-pandora-ff  rear.jpg
nigerian-doe-pandora-ff side.jpg

Dam's Sire: Flat Rocks Beaureguard

Dam's Dam:  Jobi Minnie


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