The first Pig is Bentley the boar that sired the three litters. Registered Black Valley Farms Kune Kune Boar. NOT FOR SALE but the father of most of our sows.

Francine-2 years old- Due any day with her 2nd litter $450  -- SHE NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP RIGHT AWAY BEFORE SHE FARROWS or i have to keep her till piglets are weaned.

Whillamina $350- exposed to Bentley

Marybelle- $350 2 years old- 2 litters of 6  - 1-2 months bred to bentley

 Lady - $200  1 year old just weaning her first litter of 5- exposed to Bentley - VERY SMALL PIG

Sophie- $250 4 years old  6 litters of 6-8 piglets - 2 ish months bred to Bentley

Little Else - $200 1 year old just weaned her first litter- Exposed to Bentley


Red Boar 6 months old


Black and White Boar 6 weeks