EdensLilly Hawthorn Moon

For Sale $450

after Having him collected 

     Hawthorn was a bit young the last breeding cycle so I have just bred him to some junior does to see what he can do. He hs very straight legs, nice long oody and is a sweet heart just like his brother Limurger. I expect this guy to produce nice Productive does with mild temperaments, high butterfat and easy to milk teats. I had Pie's ( hawthrons dam) twin brother in my herd some time back and the one doe I got from him, Cabernet, is my most favorite milker. He is offered for sale only because I kept so may of his Sires and Half Brothers ( Limburgers) bucks and does in the herd.

Sire: Screaming Goat Farm Moon Dancer

length of body and hip, and 

his smoothness of bending from neck to shoulder- Judge Margo Piver


general appearance due to length of neck which blends into a slightly higher wither leveling out through the chine and loin and also in dairy character showing a better dairy wedge from the top.-Lavinia Allen

Summer 2015 MDGA V-Show-  

RIng 1~ 3rd -Margo Piver 

Ring 2~  2nd - Lavinia Allen

The judges at the MDGA summer '15 show said of Beamer: "- For his body capacity, he is deep and wide from the chest through to the barrel.  He has a nice extension of brisket.  In the area of dairy character we see a more angular rear leg set from the back view.  He is more open, wide and rounded at the escutcheon.    He excels for his width and depth through the chest as well as his smoother blending through the shoulder."

Virtul Show Record


Dam:Latte Da TSJ Cutie Pie

   I do not have any good

photos of Luna Lady Girl

but this is her 3/4 sister

 Green Gables SOF Lovely Lady

Virtual Show Record

2015 - 2nd place 5yr old - Ring 1 & 2 MDGA Summer V-Show

2015 - BEST UDDER OF BREED & 2nd place 3yr old, 1st place udder (class of 8) - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-Show

2015 - 5th place 3yr old, (class of 8) - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-Show

2013 - 2nd place yearling milker (in a class of 12) - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-Show

2013 - 5th place yearling milker (in a class of 12) - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-Show

2012 - 1st place Jr doeling (in a class of 13) - Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-Show

2012 - 2nd place Jr doeling (in a class of 13) - Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-Show

His mother was born the year of all those rains and was on the small side, the rains kept me busy and I only got one photo of her udder. She was infinitely sweet, had nice sized easy to mil teats and she tested 4.8, 5.4, 5.1, 5.7 in butter fat on her milk tests. I do not have accurate milk weights on those tests though. 

Dam's Sire:  Jacobs Pride Toy Story *B

Dam's Sire's Sire: *+B Jacob's Pride Showman

I couldnt find any photos of showman but this is toy stories littermate sister Show Biz

Dams Sire's Dam: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star 7*M


7th lactation


DIM Milk Fat% Prot% SCS

1 20 11.1 5.3 4.0 4.9 

47 10.5 4.0 2.9 7.5

80 10.7 3.8 3.1 8.4 

141 9.0 4.1 3.1 7.5  

158 7.3 3.5 2.9 4.5 

232 5.9 5.5 3.7 5.1 

Dam's Dam: Latte Da AH Jackie Yo-Nassis


$th Lactation

1820 lbs in 225 days

DIM Milk Fat% Prot% SCS

35 9.6 4.1 3.1 6.5

2 84 10.0 4.9 3.4 5.9

168 5.5 7.0 4.4 8.9

244 3.2 4.6 4.8 6.1