Farm Directions

1614 N Sky Soldier Rd, Weslaco, TX 78579

 GPS may steer you wrong so I have detailed directions and a map below. Old school!


-Take expressway 83 East or West to the 1015 ( international Blvd) exit.

-Exit and head south until you come into Progreso, you will hit the first big Progreso    light, then a second one, the second light is Baker.

-Take a right (go west) on Baker.

-Baker will take you a block down to a stop sign, on Bus 1015, it will have a fire/police  station on your left.

-Continue straight through this stop sign. The next stop sign you will hit is at Sky  Soldier Rd. But it is not marked with a street sign. You will see a trailer house on your  left and a cinder block stripped old house on the alternate corner.

-Take a right (go north) on this street.

-Continue down the road till the end you will pass cane fields we are the second black  gate on the right and the very last house on the street.