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Daily Session Itinerary

Farm Camp 2018- Day Two DSC05663 (31).jp


We have developed four sessions for our 2018 Farm Camps.

 Feathers & Fur

(Chickens, Rabbits and Ducks lifecyles)

Roots and Stems


Milk & Cream

(Goats and Dairy)

Bread & Butter

 (sourdough bread, resource and land stewardship)


Each session will include learning some real life chores, physical activities outside, science  projects, educational classroom time, textile activities, and an introduction to a different probiotic.

We are working with Texas Certified teachers to make sure your children are learning science concepts that go along with their grade level while they are here. Below are the TEKS learned on Milk and Cream day


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do.

S1.2a, Ask questions about organisms, objects, and events observed in the natural world;

S1.10a, investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats;

H1.1a, describe and practice activities that enhance individual health such as enough sleep, nutrition, and exercise;





Tuesday- Milk and Cream (goats)


Physical Activity:

Hay the Animals, Feed the animals, check water systems and learn how to observe for healthy behavior.

Bottle feed baby goats




Physical Activity:

Learn to milk goats. Try hand milking as well as assist us in using the milk machines. Cleanliness, and goat health are important parts of producing a healthy delicious milk, and we will go over the how’s and why


Watch and Learn:

See cheese in our milk house and learn about the micro biology happening during the cheese process. Feel curds, taste cheese types and see how the room works.



each kid brings their own sack lunch

Farm Patio

12-12:30 Journaling Time

kids paste pictures of the previous day into their journal, color pages, and write memories, what they learned and favorite things.

Farm Classroom

12:30-1:00 Educational Time:

Watch a film on artisanal cheese makers and huge commercial makers.

Learn some of the Chemistry behind cheese making

Nutrition on milk and cheese: Fats, Proteins, Sugars

Learn about different types of cheese    

minute group time- explain/ask questions about the movie

1-2:00 Hands on Time

Learn how to make a simple cheese (take home in cheese containers)


Take home:





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