Welcome to the Farm!

                Do you have children that love animals? Do you live in town but want your children to learn what it is like to have a connection to the land and see how food is produced responsibly and sustainably.  Then, this is the PERFECT opportunity for you.  I grew up on a farm learning the lessons that life on a farm has to teach and as a mom raising my three children on the farm, the benefits it has on their little lives is obvious. This legacy and farm life is near and dear to us. I desperately want to SHARE these lessons with your children. All our farm family knows this, but we had the great blessing of being able to buy back my grandparents farm last fall and it is PERFCT for hosting and teaching. With a paved road, ample running room, and plenty of space for guests we are ready to make our farm even more accessible to the RGV community. One of our main passions here on the farm is to share our experiences and educate, educate, educate. Since buying the farm we have been committed to host an educational tour once per month… but we want to do more. We need more time to share more experiences and teach. This is the chance for your kids to get to experience farm life first hand. NO, this isn’t a scheme to get our farm chores done quicker. Wink, wink. We are confident your children will learn what a daily routine looks like for farmers, science and biology behind cheese, milk, egg and vegetable production, get some wiggles out with fun outdoor learning activities, participate in hands on projects, and so much more.

Registration  is only open for ONE WEEK - get on our email list to be the first to know. Its first come first serve (only 60 spots available for the summer) and each session only has space for 9-12 children. We are keeping each camp small with 3-4 kids per adult so they get lots of one on one learning time. Spread the news! Tell all your friends that boots and overalls are cool again, and your kids will be having the learning experience of the year at Edens Lilly Farm Camp!

Experiencing the Farm

Through fun filled experiences your child/children will be given the opportunity to be a farmer for the week. We have scheduled activities to allow children to gain knowledge through fun about what farm life is all about.

We have will have outdoor activities all morning then as the heat picks up we will move to our class room for some more educational classes, crafts and lunch.

Cost for FARM CAMP $500

We also offer DISCOUNTS

see below

early bird Discount ( if you sign up by March 10th)-$50

Bring a friends discount -$50

Sibling discount, per child -$50

each session is being kept small with 10-12 children and 3 counselors. We plan to break up the groups by grade level. we will have group learning and then do age specific projects with each age group.

We are working with Texas Certified teachers to make sure your children are learning science concepts that go along with their grade level while they are here.



Please check our farm tour days or call to schedule a Farm Store 

Weslaco, Texas, 78596

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